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Activating Collective Intelligence

Assembl is a platform built to structure open expression for large groups of people (from a few hundreds to thousands). It is based on a proven animation method guaranteeing a successful mobilisation of collective intelligence on short periods of time (2 to 4 months). it aims to develop formal documentation as an output of the collective intelligence mobilisation.
Assembl is neither a social network nor a forum: each participant is encouraged to react and co-construct with the other participants.

Assembl is fundamentally hybrid. it is a crossing between consulting and technology, the mix between crowdsourcing and the expertise of a few, the alternative between virtual gatherings and small meetings, the combination of human collective intelligence and artificial intelligence.

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Collective intelligence is now imbedded in the key processes of corporations, public institutions and communities.

"A software like Assembl makes group thinking feasible and affordable, and considerably more efficient than any online forum or Facebook group"

Don Tapscott, Macrowikinomics

The platform

Advanced R & D program

Assembl is a platform developed in the context of the european research project catalyst. 
Our r&d team has developed the software with the perspective of creating a platform capable of hosting complex and large-sized online debates. 

The platform is designed using a multi-staged approach (modules of creativity, votes, multi-criteria evaluation) that ultimately aims at delivering a synthesis. assembl is an open-source software developed with agpl. 

Assembl is a structured online forum: 
Participants can interact freely, while contributions are constantly structured and organized to avoid losing content. the continuous organisation of messages allows the elimination of noise in data and the focus on participants’ attention. If relevant or necessary, the voting phase is only triggered at the end of the consultation process to avoid the disqualification of potential new ideas. Syntheses of the debate are thereafter submitted on a regular basis: giving an overview of the discussion while establishing the dynamic of collective intelligence.









Different Phases of an Assembl Project

The platform is designed using a multi-staged approach (modules of creativity, votes, multi-criteria evaluation). The set-up process takes about 8 to 10 weeks and follows 4 main phases

6 Major roles

The initiative is managed and moderated by our team members, the different roles foster co-creation and the development of new concepts.

The Debate Coordinator (ephemeral)

The Debate Coordinator (ephemeral)

One or several individuals ensure the fast engagement of a community at the inception phase of the process. They formulate the research questions, determine the suitable format for the synthesis delivery, set up a animation strategy and provide the table of content initiating the discussion.

The Harvester

The Harvester

One or several individuals identify, “harvest” and articulate ideas embedded across the different contributions made on the platform. This teams will structure the debate during its evolutions.

The Synthesizer

The Synthesizer

One or several individuals provide syntheses of the main ideas debated. These syntheses give an overview of the discussion and are further presented to the participants for validation.

The Knowledge Manager

The Knowledge Manager

Performs a monitoring (best practices, data, reports and studies, etc) to fuel the consultation with additional information related to the debated topics. The analyst also ensures “fact-checking” thus allowing to validate certain subjective or qualitative contributions made during the debate. This role is key in making certain contributions more intelligible.

The Revealer (of culture)

The Revealer (of culture)

Drawing on the participation frameworks observed during the different phases of the debate, the culture revealer will establish an overview of the collaboration culture of the company or organisation (values, subcultures positions, champions & leaders, etc)

The Activator (technical)

The Activator (technical)

The activator or technical manager is responsible for the technical performance of the software Assembl, from the initial phase of basic set up to the end of the mission. He is the interface and the central element of support on technical and functional expectations regarding the platform for both the client and for the 6 other roles.


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